Executive Protection Consulting

At LUNA QUEST Services, we understand that there are situations in which a deeper level of security and consulting work is required. To that end, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive suite of executive-level protection and consulting services. These services are designed for executives and similar individuals whose work exposes them to unique, significant dangers.

Our Executive Protection Security Services

This critical investment in your personal security and day-to-day protection can begin with a wide range of consulting services. Our professional assessment experience allows you to analyze and address risks, threats, and vulnerabilities of every kind. Our services can focus on executives, as well as their family and staff.

Our goal in this arena is to work with your existing resources and capabilities in every regard. We can offer and implement strategies that protect you in your workplace, your residence, and across any of your existing travel patterns.

Complete Assessment Experience

Every step of the way, you can be certain that we will seek ways to improve the effectiveness of your tailor-made program and control cost over the short term and long term.
An overview of what we offer:

Comprehensive Protection Services

From our personal belief in the protective power of risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment, there is a great deal that can be accomplished at the Executive Protection level.

Through a strict adherence to the best practices, research strategies, and overall methodologies, we are able to offer the following to executive clients and their personal/professional assets around the globe:

Analysis and Assessment on Every Level

Not only can LUNA QUEST Services be there to offer analysis and assessment of what you need to protect yourself, your assets, and even your loved ones, but we can also help to implement these suggestions in the most efficient, cost-effective fashion possible. To put it another way, we can also help you to best manage your resources in the overall objective of protecting them without fail.

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