Due diligence is the heart and soul of any successful professional venture. In a broad sense, due diligence refers to research. This can be expressed through the wide range of due diligence investigative services we are pleased to offer at LUNA QUEST Services.

From mergers and investment opportunities to acquisitions of all shapes and sizes, our due diligence investigative experience in Orange County, California. Contact us today to see how we have helped hedge fund managers, private equity firms, and even global corporations and conglomerates.

How Can A Due Diligence Investigation Benefit Me?

Our investigators and consultants are ready to ensure you have the most definitive peace of mind possible for any business decision or opportunity you might be considering. We go through records that are not commonly utilized or even available to the general public. We employ methods and approaches that are designed to approach the need for good due diligence practices from all angles.

Are there any foreseeable risks? What are the long-term advantages and disadvantages of the venture or decision? While you are unquestionably going to address these questions yourself, it can be invaluable to have an additional set of experienced eyes on the matter.



From open-source intelligence sources and database exploration to an “all-out” investigation that goes as deep into the individuals or companies in question as possible, LUNA QUEST Services can assist you.

We can apply our due diligence knowledge base and equipment to a nearly endless list of potential scenarios, including:

Do you have a question about any of the above? Is there an area we haven’t covered in which you think our due diligence experience can help? Contact us