Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

No matter what industry you work in, you must be aware of your company's potential for both internal and external threats. LUNA QUEST Services is the only Orange County corporate investigation company you are ever going to need. We can address existing concerns and, through our consultation services, prevent future concerns from coming to light.

Full Orange County Corporate Investigative Services

Theft, fraud, and similar activities can threaten your company on a fundamental level. Not only can LUNA QUEST Services help you to identify problems within and beyond your business, but we can also advise you as to the best course of action for dealing with the results that we uncover.

In addition to these reactive services, LUNA QUEST Services also offers proactive services, such as pre-employment screenings, interviews, and comprehensive background checks.

From internal theft to gray market matters, cargo theft, and even workplace violence and safety, we can make sure your assets, hard work, and employees are comprehensively safeguarded from harm.

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