Security Consulting


We identify areas and opportunities to improve your company’s overall security, while simultaneously reducing risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Security consulting is an opportunity to invest in your business’ health and future on a profound level. Regardless of your business’ size and specifics, we can work closely with your business to determine threats and points of vulnerability. Our company will show you how to apply a risk-based, strategy-driven approach to maintaining proper security procedures on every level.

LUNA QUEST Services employs only the most experienced risk management professionals, analysts, and planners to help you optimize protective measures within your company and identify and eliminate risk factors potentially threatening your business’s safety.

Using deeply disciplined, customizable fact-finding and analytical techniques, our company will help you manage organizational risks, protect your assets, and plan for a future in which your business, portfolio, or even your personal life are secured in every form personal and family life or fashion.

Our Services

Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessment

Threats to your business can be categorized in three ways: natural, accidental, and human. Each of these possibilities comes with its own list of considerations and challenges. Understanding the nature of such threats as they relate to your business interests can go a long way towards giving you the ability to effectively plan for and deal with them. We can make sure you’re covered on strategic security, crisis management, communications, physical/technical security, comprehensive workforce protection, and more.

Best Practices And Benchmarking

LUNA QUEST Services provides personalized, fact-based recommendations in the following areas:

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Incident management
  • Crisis response
  • Protective Operations
  • Active Shooter Planning & Training
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Open-Source Intelligence & Threat Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment


It is just as important to us that our security consulting services are cost-effective as they are viable to your company’s safety. Our measures will look to improve your return on investments while also increasing your overall value and doing away with inefficiencies.

Security Operations Assessment

We can also take a close look at your current security operations and assess your current capabilities, resources, and short-term/long-term priorities. Carefully evaluating these areas, we can arm you with a detailed understanding of strategy, structure, funding, organization, staffing, and other aspects of maintaining good security practices in your business’s day-to-day dealings.


Beyond merely analyzing your security operations and capabilities, we can pinpoint every potential risk inherent in the way you are doing business. These strong preventative measures will ensure that your company is well defended.