Kenneth S. Luna, Sr.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As LUNA QUEST Services, Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth Luna has transformed a small high-performing private investigations company into a globally recognized strategic investigations and security corporation. Under his leadership, LUNA QUEST Services, Inc. has emerged today as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

Leo Fierro

Senior Director, Security Risk Management

Leo has been an innovator of highly secured locations providing intelligence and repeatedly designing infrastructures in perimeter, interior, and abroad leaving no place unsecured. He has directed businesses, military, industries, government, schools, stores, and privately owned clubs with leading skills and techniques. His skills combine different methods of security access control to its fullest, along with trained professionals, making integration unbeatable. Leo has been certified by several highly accomplished companies and government agencies with BSIS Certifications which meet and exceed all standards. His hands-on approach allows him to combine his techniques and delve deeply into design-build as well as further his management skills to remain unbeaten in truly skill-level minded operations. He has held owner and VIP Chairs in companies and now sits on a board with a great organization. Leo has given the most recognition to LUNA QUEST Services for being a true leader in the new age of innovation and exceeds in professionalism. Leo is your choice for Family, Friends, Companies, and Industries.