Our Company

Our company

Founded and operated by Kenneth S. Luna, Sr. LUNA QUEST Services maintains its office in Costa Mesa, California. Our full range of private investigation and security services is available to clients throughout Costa Mesa and all of Orange County, California.

Built on Luna, Sr’s desire to provide investigative and security services for companies and individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, LUNA QUEST Services can assist with proactive and reactive measures.

Our security services are proactive. We come to your home or place of business, identify trouble areas, and present you with a comprehensive series of security solutions to protect your interests on every possible level. Our Orange County private investigative services are also reactive. Something has gone wrong in the day-to-day operations of your business. Threats involving fraud or theft have occurred, or you are concerned that they will happen in the very near future. Regardless, LUNA QUEST Services provides the professionals and tools needed to seek out and utilize the information that could make a difference for your very company’s survival.

Why Our Orange County Security And Investigative Services Are The Best

Compassion and dedication are two of the essentials to the foundation upon which LUNA QUEST Services has built its peerless reputation throughout OC. We stand by our extremely high success rate with cases because we take a methodic, personalized approach to each of our clients and their needs. Your FREE initial consultation will show you in no uncertain terms what we can do for you. You need powerful, detailed information to make a decision in a crisis. You need security services that utilize decades of combined experience with the best equipment and methods available to our trained, licensed, and aggressive professional consultants and security experts. LUNA QUEST Services will meet your needs from start to finish.

We understand that you may have questions, please visit our services page to learn more about our investigation services.