Investigative Services

Investigative Services

LUNA QUEST Services is pleased to offer a full range of Orange County private investigation services. These services have been matched flawlessly with the needs of a wide array of clients over the past several years. The result of that experience is a guarantee that we will bring the full force of our tools, experience, and dedication to any investigative needs you may have.

Our investigative services in Orange County include the following:

With comprehensive, up-to-the-second training, and the best equipment and methodologies available to our industry we can cover every aspect of the investigative process from hiring new employees to putting disciplined eyes on one or more troubling members of your company .

Investigative And Surveillance Services

Whether you want to prove an almost certain suspicion of theft or other wrongdoing within your company, or if you need to settle concerns of one negative influence or another, our investigative team will deliver results. We offer discreet, secure, and efficient monitoring, documentation, photographing, and video tapping services. These services can be directed at concerns of elder abuse, liability/negligence, questionable insurance claims, and internal theft. We can also handle any due diligence needs you may have, giving you profound peace of mind in your decision-making.

Are you concerned that you are being watched? We offer a complete assortment of counter-surveillance services in Orange County, CA.

Contact us today to learn how our investigative and surveillance services can protect you.

Background Investigative Services

Trust between yourself and those you employ is important. Just as important is verifying every aspect of an individual’s background. This includes employment histories, criminal records, driving records, address history, sex offender registration, asset ownership histories, credit histories, or anything else you need to have complete and total confidence towards the individual in question.

Are you looking for pre-employment screening services in Orange County? We can help. Our background investigative experience covers executive-level hirings, pre-marital investigations, and elder-care giver background investigations.

Our professional insights can also be applied to pre-investment due diligence, as well as resume fraud concerns.

Missing Persons And Similar Services

Using our resources, including access to the most powerful databases on the planet not available to the general public, LUNA QUEST Services can assist in any missing person situation you might be experiencing. We also offer full services for witness locates, as well as services related to skip tracing.

As State Licensed Private Investigators, we understand the urgency and discretion that are often essential in situations involving an individual who is missing or perhaps on the run. Are you trying to track down deadbeat parents? Lost relatives? Are you looking for someone you haven’t seen in years? These are just a few examples of what we do for individuals throughout Orange County.

Are you an attorney seeking a missing heir in a probate case? Are you an insurance company seeking a vital witness for a claim? We also work with creditors seeking those who owe them money.


Criminal Defense And Civil Litigation

For both Orange County criminal attorneys and Orange County civil attorneys, LUNA QUEST Services has provided invaluable assistance through technology and professional knowledge.

Experienced LUNA QUEST Services investigators can search for potential witnesses, conduct interviews with those witnesses, manage a crime scene investigation, and even collect evidence. You can trust that our company can maintain the proper chain of custody procedures while also focusing on precise report writing, court testimonies, and process service coordination.

Our services can be tailored to meet all of your needs in this area. Understand that while we cannot detail our full list of criminal defense and civil litigation services, you can be confident that we will be able to ensure your needs are being met from start to finish. We can help you address current concerns, point you towards problems you may not have noticed, or whatever the situation demands.

We believe in discretion as keenly as we believe in results. Contact us today.